State Of Art Operation Theatres

There are four operation theatres which doubles the actual requirement for this size of hospital. It helps us in keeping complication & infection rate to near zero with good sterlization time and rotation.
It is imperative that operation theatre (OT) is designed scientifically to ensure sterility, easy maintenance and effective utilization.

OT is that specialized facility of the hospital where life saving or life improving procedures are carried out on the human body by invasive or non invasive methods under strict aseptic conditions in a controlled environment by specially trained personnel to promote healing and cure with maximum safety, comfort and economy.


• Promotes high standard of asepsis.
• Ensures maximum standard of safety.
• Optimises utilization of OT and staff time.
• Optimises working conditions.
• Patient & staff comfort in terms of thermal, acoustic and lighting requirements.
• Allows flexibility.
• Facilitate coordinated services.
• Minimises maintenance.
• Ensures functional separation of spaces.
• Regulates flow of traffic.
• Is painted with anti - bacterial & fungal paint.
• Provides soothing environment.

For an unbreachable sterile OT compound, it has been segregated in various zones which are area of varying degrees of cleanliness in which the bacteriological count progressively diminishes from the outer to the inner zones (operating area).
* We have best sterlization equipments as compared to whole city, comparable to the International Standards.


This service is responsible for all in-house, third-party operated food and drink outlets, vending machines, and catering in Altec Laser Hospital. The team is dedicated to providing fresh, high-quality food and drinks at competitive prices.


1.Dietary service is one of the most important hospital supportive services contributing to the recovery of health, through scientifically prepared diets & educating the patients regarding use & utility of different foods & balanced diet.

2. Dietetics department of Patel Hospital provides following facilities-
* Diet plan & consultation.
* Indoor diet service.

3. Dietary Department of Patel Hospital caters a number of patients with nutritionally balanced & hygienic therapeutic diets. It purposes are to maintain good nutritional status, to correct deficiencies & to prevent a number of diseases & to maintain body ability to metabolize the nutrients & thereby to reduce complications in patient life.

4. The department works under the auspices of Dietician.
The dietician increases the awareness and understanding of importance of diet and physical activities regarding the good health.

5. Overall the department helps in developing, strengthening and implementing some effective health policies to improve diets and encourage the regular practice of keeping good health.


* Horizontal Nat
* Fully Automatic ETO
* Altec has these two state of the art machines for full sterlization. All steel equipments & instruments and O.T clothes are sterlized by autoclaving in latest & best horizontal autoclave by Nat.
* Plastic tubings & instruments & other fragile materials, not possible to be sterlized by autoclaving are sterlized by fully automatic computerised E.T.O machine.

Modern & Advanced ICU With

* Ventilators (Maquet - Siemens) for invasive & non invasive ventillation.
* Multi-Para Monitors (Phillips) for complete, safe & accurate patient monitoring.
* Defibrillators (Phillips)
* Infusion Pumps (B-Brown) for most accurate drug delivery system even upto microdrops per minute.


When the question is about the health of your loved ones, time & distance should not be limitating factors. Altec hospital has provided a fully equiped A.C ambulance for the convenience of the patient.But these ambulance services are not forced upon on mobile and comfortable patients going out of the hospital for routine C.T, MRI or other tests which are not available in hospital.


We are having two different lifts for visitors and patients on stretcher or wheel chair. Both the lifts are of international standards touch screen operated machines by Schindlers. Properly maintained & checked regularly by the company under AMC. Both lifts are programmed for maximum safety & comfort in case of power failure or any other circumstances. They are smooth comfortable and non-jerky.


All the hospital furniture is of international quality brand Godrej. All the patients bed in Rooms, ICU, ER etc are comfortable and can be modified into various positions for proper nursing care of all kind of surgical, stroke, unconscious, agitated or drowsy patients. Other hospital furniture is also comfortable for the patients & relatives for a comfortable stay & good care.


In Amritsar, mostly in summers the temperature go to the extremes. In these circumstances in ICU & O.T we need best quality Air- conditioning services for proper care & infection free environment where air changes are required regularly to keep it free from Bacteria, Viruses, Spores & Fungi etc. We have installed at all the Rooms, ER, ICU & other places state of the art & best in the class O-General Air Conditioners. They are expensive but most effective, so very few hospitals install them. All AC operate in POWER Failure on Gensets also (Best in trade by Kirloskar Green).


As power cuts are quite common in the region. All life saving equipments and instruments, sterlisation machines, O.T, ICU, Lifts & other patient care system works on elecricity, so without power back up whole system would crash. Altec hospital has a 100 per cent power back-up. It s not just lifts, lights and fans that will work if the power is out, even all other equipments will also work properly. Incubators need an uninterrupted power supply, and many medicines need refrigeration. You may also want to check on other amenities such as round the clock water supply. Even Air Conditioners never stop because of power failure. Each & every installation in hospital is fully backed up by the Gensets. Which are 2 in number, Even in Gensets we have a full stand by to take no chances on safety, security & comfort, If one Genset does not work the other one is ready to take the full load. Both the Gensets are taken care by the company professionals regularly under an AMC contract.