1.Dietary service is one of the most important hospital supportive services contributing to the recovery of health, through scientifically prepared diets & educating the patients regarding use & utility of different foods & balanced diet.

2. Dietetics department of Patel Hospital provides following facilities-
* Diet plan & consultation.
* Indoor diet service.

3. Dietary Department of Patel Hospital caters a number of patients with nutritionally balanced & hygienic therapeutic diets. It purposes are to maintain good nutritional status, to correct deficiencies & to prevent a number of diseases & to maintain body ability to metabolize the nutrients & thereby to reduce complications in patient life.

4. The department works under the auspices of Dietician.
The dietician increases the awareness and understanding of importance of diet and physical activities regarding the good health.

5. Overall the department helps in developing, strengthening and implementing some effective health policies to improve diets and encourage the regular practice of keeping good health.