As power cuts are quite common in the region. All life saving equipments and instruments, sterlisation machines, O.T, ICU, Lifts & other patient care system works on elecricity, so without power back up whole system would crash. Altec hospital has a 100 per cent power back-up. It s not just lifts, lights and fans that will work if the power is out, even all other equipments will also work properly. Incubators need an uninterrupted power supply, and many medicines need refrigeration. You may also want to check on other amenities such as round the clock water supply. Even Air Conditioners never stop because of power failure. Each & every installation in hospital is fully backed up by the Gensets. Which are 2 in number, Even in Gensets we have a full stand by to take no chances on safety, security & comfort, If one Genset does not work the other one is ready to take the full load. Both the Gensets are taken care by the company professionals regularly under an AMC contract.