Difference between Button Hole Surgery and Laparoscopic Surgery

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Button Hole Surgery Laparoscopic Surgery
Button Hole approach involves an incision in upper Abdomen to perform surgery In Laparoscopic Surgery, a trocar is inserted into the abdomen and surgery is done without incision.
Button Hole is one type of Open Surgery. It involves small incision & surgery is done by stretching the muscles & skin. Laparoscopy is a new technique of Camera Surgery. There is no incision – only small holes are created.
In Button Hole, there is need to cut muscles, later there are chances of Hernia. In laparoscopy only skin is cut, no need to cut muscles. So almost no chances of hernia.
In Button Hole, everything is not visible properly. So it is doubtful & dangerous. With the help of trocar the internal organs of the body are seen 22 times larger. So, it is highly safe and secure.
In Foreign countries like America, England, Germany, etc. nobody performs button hole surgery because it is unsafe. In almost all cities of every country and in advanced & good hospitals laparoscopy is used for surgery.
In Button Hole, there is risk of more pain and infection. In laparoscopy there is very risk of pain and infection.
Button Hole is not suitable for every type of patients. In some patients, Button Hole is to be converted into large incision. Now a days, for every patient and for every type of gall bladder store, appendix and uterus surgery etc. laparoscopy technique is used.