Dr. Praveen Devgan

Dr Praveen Devgan is a renowned general & laparoscopic surgeon of Amritsar & nearby districts. He did his M.S.(Gen. Surgery) in 1995 & joined the charitable hospital in Beas. Till 2000, he did 8000 surgeries of all kind with Dr B S Tung & Dr Sanchez( from the USA). From 2000 to 2011, he did more than ten thousand surgeries in all big & famous hospitals of Amritsar like Fortis Escorts, Muni Lal Chopra, Kakkar, Nayyar, K.D., EMC, Bajwa, Ved Gupta, Mata Kaulan Ji etc. He started laparoscopic surgery in almost all of these hospitals in Amritsar. Since 2011 onwards he is working as the director & chief surgeon of Altec Laser & super speciality hospital, where he has done more than 5000 successful laparoscopic & general surgeries. Dr Praveen Devgan does all kinds of laparoscopic surgeries like gall bladder stones( lap cholecystectomy), appendix(lap appendectomy), lap umbilical hernia( IPOM), lap inguinal hernia( TAPP, TEP), diagnostic & exploratory laparoscopy in various diseases of abdomen like peritonitis, cysts, pseudocysts etc. He is part of the team in laparoscopic gynaecological surgeries like uterine fibroids( TLH- total laparoscopic hysterectomy) , ovarian cysts, tumours, hysteroscopic resections, laparoscopic ruptured ectopic pregnancy etc. In Altec hospital, almost all gynaecological surgeries are done by laparoscopy & hysteroscopy. In addition to these minimally invasive surgeries, Dr Praveen Devgan does all kind of simple, complicated & difficult open surgeries too. From simple but tricky ingrowing toe nail, fissure, fistula & piles to big and complicated surgical problems have been done in hundreds to thousands in number. He has managed countless cases of trauma to the chest & abdomen like blunt injuries, sharp weapon( knife), bullet injuries in the last 25 years. Other problems like pancreatitis, pseudocyst, liver abscesses, hydatid cysts, perforations of stomach, duodenum & intestines, peritonitis are taken care in the best possible manner to save the life & other resources. Cancer surgeries like Breast cancer, kidney, intestines etc are done routinely with care. Dr Praveen Devgan is expert in surgery of thyroid, parathyroid & adrenal glands. He has done hundreds of these surgeries in Beas hospital & now does it regularly here too. Dr Praveen Devgan is not afraid to do previously complicated & redo surgeries. His success rate is very high, with very low complication & infection rate, even in emergency cases. He regularly updates his knowledge & skills by participating in various national & international conferences & workshops. He always believes in the latest & best but safe technology. Belief in safety is utmost & first of all. Mortality even in such diverse & complicated cases to choose from is less than .01%. This is due to careful selection & execution of surgical & medical principals. No compromise in quality & ethics is the motto, he follows always. He has been the financial & gen. secretary of surgeon society of Amritsar. Dr Praveen Devgan is actively associated with charitable work. Right from initial 5 years ( 8000 surgeries ) in Beas Charitable hospital & then 3 years in Mata Kaulan Ji mission charitable hospital, he is always there for poor & needy along with the rich part of society.